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  • This play mat is great for baby above 3 months, baby can sit on, lay or crawl on the mat freely. 
  • There are multiple colorful balls and decorative animal toy, helping to train baby garb ability, stimulates imagination and improve parent-child communication. 
  • Features: All materials are safe and non-toxic, environmental-friendly, provide best protection for baby. 
  • EPE foam material is super soft, elastic and reduce shocking, prevent baby from bumping against floor. 
  • Lovely animal hanging toys can be hung on the support arms, baby will discover the overhead toy when lying on the mat, which stimulates imagination and train grab ability. 
  • Comes with multiple colorful balls in the animal's head for baby to play. 
  • The safety guard mesh and support arms are detachable, easy to install and storage. 
  • Suitable Age: 3~12 Months 
  • Package Included: 1 x Baby Play Mat 30 x Colorful Balls 4 x Linkable Hanging Toys

- One of Aiebao latest design.

- Cheaper and Convenience.

- Have plenty of colour.

- Multiuse.

- Come in Box.


-Milk powder capacity: Small size 400ml/180 g.

-Size : Small size: 8.7 x 13.3 x 7.5 cm.

-Environmentally friendly PP material.

-Large opening design, easy to load milk powder.

-Equipped with milk powder scraper to reduce wast.

-Mini body shape, easy to carry.

-Layered design with cover, strong U-shaped buckle, powder spoon separation, convenient and hygienic

-The milk powder scraper is detachable, which is convenient for independently holding fruits, snacks, food supplements, etc. 

-Removable and washable, can be refrigerated or microwaved.

- Double fixed does not slip, bearing 50 kg.

- Double ring buckle, one-way force does not fall off, protect the baby from injury.


- Sleeping cradle: Comfortable skin and peace of mind is like returning to the mother's body again, scientific design, simulating the mother's uterus state to increase intimacy and security.


- Scientific hug care for the baby's spine: According to the skeletal development design, the bearing area is close to maximizing, effectively reducing the spinal pressure and effectively protecting the bone development.


- Cool and breathable hands: soft and comfortable fabric, deep penetration of heat, cool and dry. The baby is cool and comfortable, and the mother is at ease.


- It is a sling. It is also a breastfeeding towel: it is convenient for mothers to feed their baby anytime and anywhere, concealing breastfeeding, refusing to lick, mother's "protective umbrella".


- Widening the shoulder diagonal shoulder: a wide shoulder strap with a width of 16.5cm and a thickness of 8MM. Reduce the pain of the shoulder strap caused by your baby. Inverted triangle back pocket design, so that the baby can guarantee the correct being hugged.


-Make sure your little one’s meal time more enjoy able and safe.

-Removable food tray that can easily attach and detach for cleaning.

-3 point adjustable food tray distance to accommodate the growing need for your child.

-2 extra toy sat the food tray to keep your baby entertain while sitting for the food.

-Easily fits most chair securely, so you can boost your little one up to almost any table.

-Ergonomically design to give stability and help develop a good body posture.

-Easily to bring out for travel.

-Color: Pink, Blue

-Material: PP

-Dimension: 40cm(L) x 34cm(W) x 30cm(H) 

-Suitable to use from 6 months to 4 years old, support up to 30kg weight

-Parcel weight: 2.4Kg

  • Have 2 adjustment for height
  • Have 3 adjustment for tray
  • Seat pad cover material is high quality leather
  • Easy to install
  • Funny ball pool is great for camping or traveling
  • With safe fence, children can learn to walk
  • Fast and easy to set up 
  • Pool can be folded for convenient storage when not in use
  • deal for home, backyard, parks, parties, day care and more
  • Facilitate parents to observe the baby activity anytime, anywhere
  • Cultivate social communication ability, sports ability, space conscious ability

Use from newborn to toddler—up to 18 kg (40 lbs.)


- Classical Music choose to entertain baby.

- 6- swing speeds control.

- Volume Control.

- Timer control – (15min/30min/45min)

- Two-position recline provides baby comfort (45 degrees for eating mode, 160 degrees for sleeping mod).

- 6 Rotation bit adjustment.

- Removable Mosquito net and soft toys.

- Easily folds for travel and storage.

- Sturdy and Stable Design.

- Adjustable 5-point safety harness.

- Baby head shaping pillow.

- Soft seat-pad for extra comfort.


- 2 types of Power Supply - Adapter or 4 x C Battery.

- Smooth edges - no gaps that could injure the baby.


-  Anti-slip Gripper.


- Suitable until 11 kg.


- The Kicking and Playing Piano Gym is the best choice for cultivating baby's musical talent.

- With feet kicking the piano key and hands touching the bell pendant, the piano gym greatly promotes muscle development of arm and leg.

- Multiple pendant, attract the baby to grasp, they can be removed to play, exercise children's auditory, tactile, visual sensation, promote baby's sensory development.

- Improve the children's sense of music, language, and hand eye coordination

- Early education, physical fitness, piano performance, early childhood and physical exercise

- Detachable and washable cushion provides the baby with clean environment.

- Cute cartoon pendant. It can be removed down to play.

- Color piano keys. Can attract baby's attention.

- Soft cloth mat. Baby lies comfortably.

- Cute animal pendant loved by babies 

- Interactive mirror encourage baby to hit the mirror and grasp, enhance baby's manual ability

- A variety of play, lying down, sitting or tummy to play. Meet the needs of baby's different age.

  • Proprietary Blend of French Terry Cotton and Spandex
  • A Swaddled Baby is a Happy Baby - Babies love to feel snuggled in a warm womb-like environment. Studies show that the more babies are held, the less they cry and fuss. Wearing your baby in a baby chest carrier makes for a happier and stress-free environment for your baby.
  • Creates a Stronger Bond With Your Baby -  Baby Wrap is designed to give your baby a sense of familiarity and allows your baby to become in tune with your rhythmic breathing while worn tummy-to-tummy & chest-to-chest.
  • The baby carrier wrap can be used for newborn babies.
  • Multipurpose - Forget about the bulkiness of a stroller when going on short walks and trips to the grocery store, the CuddleBug also acts as an ergonomic baby carrier which frees both of your hands
  • Made by breathable mesh + thick metal frame
  • Many adjustable positions + 1 Folding position for easy storage
  • Can be turned into a rocking children’s chair
  • Can be used as both a baby bouncer and a chair up until the age of two
  • Suitable for babies from 0 to 2 Years Approximately ( up to 18 Kg)
  • Removable and Washable Cover

-Compact diaper trash bag dispenser making change time easier.

-Ideal for wet bibs, burp cloths and hygienic or disposal of use diapers.

-Compact enough to fit inside changing bag or to clip onto strap of bag.

-Ideal in diaper bag, stroller, car and even at home.

-1 Disposable Bag Dispenser.

-2 Rolls of Disposable Bag (20 bags per roll 33cm x 21.5cm).

-Material of capsule: High-density polyethylene (HDPE).

-To avoid danger of suffocation, keep this plastic bag away from baby.

  • It’s a backup for while out of Ready Ice Brick  
  • Product becomes cold on its own after activation.
  • Not only is this type of instant ice safer, but it is better for the environment.
  • Conveniently disposable with no pre-chilling required for quick, effective relief.
  • Mini Disposable Cooling Ice Speed Bag Summer Ice Bag Instantly Cooling
  • It is conveniently disposable with no pre-chilling required for quick, effective relief.
  • The Liberty Instant Cold Compress temporarily relieves minor pain and swelling for sprains, aches and sore joints.
  • Good ventilation for infant
  • Safe and reliable
  • Easily laundered
  • Spacious area for infant's movement
  • Lasting usage
  • Available in blue & pink
  • Packing : 1pc / Pack
  • Blue have baby cradle with head, Pink don't have.
  • Brand : Mumlove
  • Textured surface to massage tender gums
  • Chill teether to soothe gums and provide extra relief
  • Ideal size and shape for baby to hold, gum and chew
  • BPA Free
  • Age : 6+ months



Weight : 7.3 kg

Box size : 8 x 70 x 110

Box include : Hanger, 1 spring, 4 wheel and stand

For Ages : From 0+ months


  • Brand : POMA 
  • Warranty : 1 Year for machine only adapter not include!
  • Have 1 set baby spring coat
  • 1 machine include 7 spring and adaptor
  • Have 1 baby net / sarong buai
  • Brand : POMA 
  • Warranty : 1 Year for machine only adapter not include!
  • Package include : 7 spring, 1 machine and 1 adapter
  • It can withstand a load of up to 24kg
  • Turn control knob to "HEAVY" position and add extra springs only when the weight of baby has increased.
  • To ensure smooth operation of auto cradle, springs should stretch at least "2 to 3" when baby is in the 'Net'
  • Do not hook the auto cradle string tto the 'net' during manual rocking
  • It can be powered by an adaptor (DC 12V). It is suitable for light or heavy babies, speed (fast or slow) can be adjusted easily by just turning the knob

Materials: Safety PP
Suitable Age: 6mo - 36mo

  • Clamped on a Stroller, Playpen, Baby Cot or Desk edge, it can be used everywhere if it can be clamped
  • 360 degree all-directional air distribution
  • 2.5 hour duration gives you coolness all day long
  • Three gears can provide different coolness experience
  • Strong/soft warm lights illuminate personal time
  • Material: ABS + electronic component
  • Mode: 3-level adjustment
  • Battery capacity: 2000mAh/3.7V
  • Input: 0.8A
  • Charging time: 1.5 hours
  • Charger input: 5V
  • Output power: 3.5W
  • Size: 19 x 15.5cm
  • Easy to assemble without tools
  • One handed adult release
  • 2 Way opening
  • Swing closed function
  • This gate fits standard widths of 75cm - 85cm, and is compatible with extensions - sold separately (fit a maximum width of 145cm)

- This anti lost wrist link gives kids independence but keeps them safe simultaneously in crowded places like super market, subway

- Double layer fasteners, easy to wear yet not easily be taken off by kids

- 360 degrees rotating stainless steel buckle and soft sponge, flexible and comfortable to wear

- The cord uses the steel, not easily be cut by scissors

- Material : PU Material With Spring inside

- Size : stretchable until 2.5 Meter